A better bookmark manager

The good ol’ days

There once was a day when bookmarks were more important to most of us. That’s because things weren’t so easy to find as they are now. With the advancement of search and auto-complete it’s become far easier to find what you’re looking for online. Need to visit your bank’s website? Type the first two letters into your address bar and the browser has already guessed where you want to go.


Over the years, I’ve grown so reliant on search engines like Google that I’ve almost given up on bookmarks. I didn’t need them, they were mostly convenience. Oh, and if there wasn’t room on the bookmarks bar, forget about it, it wasn’t worth the real estate.

But as of late, in the workplace I’ve noticed how reliant I am on bookmarks. Mostly because at work I need to remember long unwieldy URLs that I can’t find on Google. My gripe with this is that I hate Chrome’s default bookmark manager. I don’t want to open a whole new tab just to see all my bookmarks, the new tab should be my destination. If you squeeze them all into the bookmarks bar, it’s closer to manageable, but then you’re dealing with a bunch of ugly folders up there where I want only my most frequented sites. As a result, I’ve been looking for a better solution than Chrome’s default bookmark manager. Today, I think I’ve finally found one.

A big improvement

The Bookmark Sidebar Chrome extension by Philipp König has a beautiful and easy to access interface. It quickly swings out from the left or right with a simple swipe/hover/click on the side of the window. The clean experience makes it a delight to work with and so far has been bringing back the full utility of bookmarks to my life.

bookmark sidebar

Let me know if you have a favorite bookmark manager in the comments.